About Me

Jair Rodriguez is a graphic and mural artist that was born in the heart of Mexico City in 1992. His Migration to the U.S. at the age of five led him to a change of life and pace. Jair discovered his talents when he began drawing from a young age with crayons and markers, and in High School, he attended a visual arts magnet school. There he took art classes that helped him explore different mediums in which he could tune his skills. Outside of class, he began seeing a different art form that could help him express his thoughts, graffiti. He began to learn about the graffiti culture by hanging with other graffiti writers who taught him techniques on how to turn simple tags into elaborate letters. Jair would later incorporate these letters into his paintings and drawings, adding a different style to his work. Since then, Jair has displayed his graffiti influenced work in schools, galleries and live events around Omaha, Nebraska. His love for the art form and his talent has allowed him to display his art on walls to the community around Omaha. Jair has received his Bachelors in graphic and web design, and is working to keep putting his art and designs out there for the people to see.